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Monday 05 Aug 2024 9:00

Mountainbike trip in Georgia by horse shuttles

2'290.- CHF


11 days

technical level

3/4icone ask level

fit level

3,5/4icone ask level

Destination :


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01 August 2024

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The Horse shuttles adventure across the Caucasus

Crossing the imposing mountains of Georgia, between century-old churches, glaciers in abundance and wild landscapes.

  • Day 1 | Welcome to Tbilisi

    Mountain bike trip in GeorgiaWhen you arrive in Tiblisi, you will be picked up immediately at the airport.

    After assembling your bike, we take the road to leave the capital and gradually penetrate into the mountainous and wild regions of the Caucasus.

    After a car transfer of around 4 hours on a magnificent and spectacular road, we get on our bikes upon arrival on a high pass which will reveal the stages of the days in the distance to come, before descending for a long time to our first lodging, at the foot of a perfectly preserved ancient citadel with typical architecture.

    Distance: 20 km
    D+: 200 m
    D-: 1,000 m
    Night in lodge
  • Day 2 | Kazbegi region

    Crossing the Caucasus by mountain bike with a guideAfter a solid breakfast at the foot of the immense surrounding mountains, we embark on a one-hour car transfer on an adventurous road.

    We find our team of riders and the faithful horses who will happily assist us for a first ascent of the 6-hour walk in superb landscapes which will gradually be revealed as we go along -as you climb.

    This first approach on foot will not only be visually rewarding, but will be a great starting point for these two days of backpacking to come.

    An incredible first section of trail will have you diving from one side to the other of this pass at an altitude of 3,500 meters with an unparalleled flow to lose a few hundred of meters of altitude difference and reach the place which will allow us to pitch our tent for the night.

    Distance: 25 km
    D+: 1,600 m (walking)
    D-: 800 m
    Night in tent
  • Day 3 | Kazbegi region

    Backpacking in the Caucasus in horse shuttlingThe day is breaking and it is time to resume our journey following this little winding and varied trail that we started the day before. But first we must take the time to fold our tent and repack our sleeping bag to give to the horses and whom we will find in the evening when we arrive.

    The day once again offers sections, each crazier than the last, and the environment in which we operate is still as intense and wild. Here you will take the measure of what we call “wild” and “remote”.

    No signs of civilization whatsoever, except for a few ancient fortresses that stand on one side of this green valley.

    At the very end of the day, you are delighted to reach a small village and its restaurant where you can enjoy succulent Kinkhali and a Kachapuri still dripping with cheese, all washed down with a small glass of Georgian wine and a glass of Cha Cha for the more adventurous.

    Distance: 40 km
    D+: 500 m (walking)
    D-: 1,200 m
    Night in lodge
  • Day 4 | Kazbegi region

    Mountain bike trip in Georgia with a mountain bike guideStill exhilarated by these two days of riding the "Into the wild" version, you are fresh as a roach after a comfortable night in our lodge, and you are impatient for this new day horse shuttling to discover a dazzling high-altitude lake which will serve as a starting point for a wild descent on a trail with perfect flow.

    Two and a half hours of walking, relieved of your bike which the horses take care of carrying with surprising delicacy, will allow you to contemplate the superb view of this protected and green area at wish.

    Once you arrive at the top of our route for the day, you will collect your trusty two-wheeler to tackle this fast and fun run on a single track alternating open passages and a series of turns in the forest .

    Once we arrive at the bottom, we take our shuttle again for a two-hour transfer to a new pass.

    There, an endless descent of more than 30km will take place under your tires.

    A nice finish to this marathon day, before getting back in the car to arrive at our next gite in the evening, after a 5-hour transfer that you will quickly forget the next day when you have discovered our new spot.

    Distance: 50 km
    D+: 1,100 m (walking)
    D-: 3'100 m
    Night in lodge
  • Day 5 | Kazbegi region

    Enduro MTB Adventure in the Georgian CaucasusAwakened by the tempting fumaroles of the café and the neighing of the horses on which your bike is once again loaded, you begin a new walk between a vast plateau and a steep climb to start a new trail of altitude which will take you under the distant eyes of Mount Kazbek, which we have been gradually getting closer to in recent days.

    Another trail that borders on perfection and has surprising variety.

    All that remains is one last short 40-minute car transfer to return to our guesthouse and enjoy a traditional Georgian meal.

    Distance: 20 km
    D+: 1,500 m (walking)
    D-: 2,000 m
    Night in lodge
  • Day 6 | Kazbegi region

    MTB in the CaucasusToday is the day of rest for our friendly horses, and it is therefore up to you to take care of your bike for today's ride.

    This gives you time to admire a superb and impressive monastery which overlooks the entrance to the valley, before carrying on and pedaling towards the ridge which rises in front of you.

    Arriving at your goal, you have a front row seat to discover the impressive Mount Kazbek and its snowy color and surrounded by large glaciers.

    A few photos of this unforgettable moment facing this dormant volcano of more than 5,000 meters, before following this superb ridge towards the valley.

    It's time to load the bikes into our shuttles and get back on the road. Our journey in the Khazbegi region is coming to an end and it is time to move on to a new region.

    Distance: 18 km
    D+: 1,200 m
    D-: 1,500 m
    Night in lodge
  • Day 7 | Borjomi, transfer to Svaneti

    Enduro mountain biking in the Svaneti regionAfter a comfortable night at the hotel and a short tour of the city of Borjomi, we hit the road again to enjoy a new ride at the foot of Mount Ouchba which will serve as a backdrop background for our next spins.

    In the evening you will find one of these succulent Georgian tables and enjoy culinary specialties with the delicate scent of this region to gain some strength for the long day of riding that awaits us the next day.

    Distance: -
    D+: -
    Night in lodge
  • Day 8 | Svaneti region

    VTT Mont OuchbaFor this penultimate day of riding in this beautiful region of Svaneti, we pulled out all the stops to give you a taste of what is probably one of the most beautiful days of riding from your long riding career.

    Accompanied one last time by the horses, we embark on a long walk through the pastures to reach an impressive ridge between glaciers and dizzying waterfalls on one side, and breathtaking views of the valley on the other.

    All that remains is to let yourself descend into this dream setting and enjoy once again this unparalleled playground and the virgin trails of the Caucasus.

    On our return to the valley, it is time to discover a new table to enjoy a good kachapuri.

    Distance: 20 km
    D+: 1,400 m (walking)
    D-: 1,700 m
    Night in lodge
  • Day 9 | Svaneti region

    MTB routes in Georgia, Svaneti regionA hearty breakfast, a quick transfer of just an hour and here we are at the start of another memorable day with a long crossing on the heights of a magnificent valley making the emphasis is on pedaling with a few sections of portage, before admiring a set of small high-altitude lakes with surprising colors.

    After a last look at the imposing Mont Ouchba before setting off at Mach 12 on a winding trail full of flow for dessert.

    We find our loyal drivers to gradually get back on the road towards the capital.

    Distance: 20kms
    D+: 500m
    D-: 1,500m
    Night in hotel
  • Day 10 | Tbilisi

    Stay in TbilisiAfter this fantastic ride through the Caucasus, it is time to put away our bikes and take advantage of these last few days to enjoy the cultural and nightlife of the capital and its mix of modernity and tradition.

  • Day 11 | End of your stay

    Wine tasting in TbilisiYour stay ends and we will take you back to Tbilisi airport according to your flight times.

What's included

  • Swiss Cycling expert mountain bike guide (fr/en/de)
  • Transfer from and to Tbilisi Airport
  • Internal transfer & 4x4 shuttles, fuel and professional drivers
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Accommodation, guest house, refuge and/or hotel
  • Mineral water
  • All meals (except the last day in Tbilisi)
  • Driving advice
  • The video and souvenir photos

Not included

  • The flight to and from Tbilisi
  • Additional nights and extension of stays
  • Airport taxes
  • Bike rental & equipment (optional in the registration form)
  • Personal insurance
  • Sodas & fruit juice
  • Meals on the last day in Tbilisi
  • Tipping
  • Everything not included in what is included


  • A full-suspension mountain bike with 140 to 170mm travel, completely revised, including suspensions
  • Mixed terrain tires 2.3" wide or more, with reinforced casings and tubeless with recent preventive fluid
  • A telescopic seat post
  • Replacement derailleur hanger
  • 2 spare inner tubes
  • 3 pairs of brake pads
  • 2 quick links adapted to the chain
  • Chain oil
  • 1 Derailleur cable
  • Charger and battery if transmission or electric seat post
  • Repair equipment specific to your bike


  • Open face MTB helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads (recommended)
  • Long gloves
  • Sleeping bag (min 10 degrees)
  • Jacket, pants, gloves, mountain hiking hat (waterproof and min 10 degrees)
  • Walking pole (recommended)
  • Beanie
  • Swimsuit
  • Toiletries
  • Bicycle clothing for 10 days
  • Sun cream
  • Backpack (min 16l) with integrated back protector and water pocket
  • Repair equipment (tire levers, bits, multitool, chain tool, pump or CO2 cartridges)
  • First aid kit
  • Rain-resistant windbreaker
  • Long gloves
  • Repair equipment
  • Old cover (protection of bicycles for transport on horses)
  • A roll of Gaffer tape
  • Rislan necklaces
  • Mobile phone and its charger
  • 1 Powerbank

Required levels

This stay in Georgia is aimed at regular intermediate+ level practitioners, with good physical condition and resistance to fatigue.

The terrain is varied, the altitude can limit reflexes, and it is important to have experience.

We rate this stay 3.5/4, which makes it a demanding stay.

You can find out more about our level scale by clicking here.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss them.


Georgia is a country that is particularly little known for mountain biking, but it nevertheless contains some magnificent gems.

The welcome is warm. Contact with the locals is sometimes difficult because few speak English, but the Georgians are generous and friendly, and we have formed strong bonds with our hosts.

We are here to advise you throughout your stay.

Accommodation & food

During our stay, outside of Tbilisi, we mainly slept in comfortable guest houses.

A night in a tent under the stars and bivouac in the middle of the Caucasus mountains at more than 2,500m.


Georgia is a country with a varied climate. We therefore chose the best time of the year to take advantage of beautiful conditions.

In general, you should expect temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees on average during the day.


Despite the tense situation in some areas, our program takes place in stable and safe regions.

Road traffic is sometimes chaotic and requires a little attention.

For further

Are you won over by this program and you only want to join this incredible adventure?

If you are sure of your physical and technical abilities, and have made sure that your equipment corresponds to the program, you can click on the registration button and fill out the form to reserve your place.

Who will lead your adventure?

Your expert
for this experience


Tour leader & C.E.O.

Chris has been mountain biking since 1989 and has been a full-time professional guide since 2010

In search of new spaces to discover, he lets himself be convinced by the assets that the Caucasus seems to offer.

After a meticulous exploration planned over two years, he selected a selection of top-quality trails, both for the landscapes they cross and the flow they offer.

Chris is therefore your ideal guide to accompany you in conquering unexplored trails, in the heart of this country full of mystery and splendor.

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