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Terms of services

1. conditions for booking a service

1.1 Program modification:

The program of each trip and tour on the site is given as an indication. Exoride will endeavor to follow it as long as all the conditions of this one take place in optimal conditions for the safety and the smooth running of the group, but reserves the right to modify it according to the weather conditions, the state the terrain, the shape and level of the participants, etc.

The program for each trip and tour is indicative. Exoride will endeavor to follow it, but reserves the right to modify it according to weather conditions, the state of the terrain, the form of the participants, etc.

In addition, Exoride cannot be held responsible for changes in dates or times that may occur on domestic transfers.

1.2 Inscription:

Registrations only take place via our website All registrations are considered final upon validation of the registration form.

1.3 Payment:

Payment for the trip or tour must be made on time. Payment of the full amount must be made no later than 45 days before the departure date for a stay or 15 days before the date of a tour or a day course. Any person or group of people who have booked a service and who does not show up on the day of departure will still have to pay the full amount. Similarly, a participant who has only paid for part of his stay, his tour or any other service will be refused departure.

1.4 Cancellation:

In the event of cancellation of an outing or stay by Exoride, in particular due to difficult weather conditions or any other external event, registered participants will receive a voucher for the value of their reservation to be redeemed on the service of their choice available on the Exoride website, subject to its availability.

Once the reservation has been made, no refund will be made in the event of cancellation by the participant less than 45 days before departure for a trip, and 15 days for a round. Refunds are made only in the form of Exoride vouchers. Reimbursed vouchers are valid for one year (365 days). It is mandatory to take out cancellation insurance with your airline or via your credit card to be compensated in the event of an impediment due to force majeure. Please check with the organization that provides the cancellation insurance for the conditions related to it.

1.5 Price:

The prices displayed on the Exoride website are in Swiss francs. The price is inclusive of VAT per person. When registering, the rate applied is the one defined on the reservation page of the chosen service, subject to an error on our part.

1.6 Insurance:

All participants in Exoride mountain bike trips and tours do so under their own responsibility. Exoride declines all responsibility in the event of an accident. Each participant is required  to benefit from liability insurance. Exoride also recommends that you subscribe to REGA, which will cover you not only in the event of an accident on one of our outings, but also during your outings in general.

You must have assistance, repatriation & medical fees. Before leaving for a tour or a trip, make sure with your insurer that your insurance contract covers the chosen destination and includes rescue and repatriation costs.

Warning, the insurance linked to certain bank cards does not necessarily cover emergency services.

When booking your flight, it is mandatory to take out cancellation insurance and recommend that you take out insurance for the loss or theft of your luggage or your bicycle.</p >

1.7 Responsibilities:

Exoride strives to offer the best safety and supervision conditions for each service. However, mountain biking remains a risky sport and the mountains are a dangerous environment. By accepting the present conditions of use during your registration, you acknowledge being fully aware of these risks and you and your loved ones waive any claim and lawsuit against Exoride and its partners for possible bodily injury, death as well as property damage.

The images on the Exoride site are non-contractual.

2. Equipment rental conditions

2.1 Rental rates

Rates are based on the number of days during which the tenant will benefit from the rented equipment.

In case of delay in the return of the rented equipment, the amount equivalent to the additional duration is due.

2.2 Terms of payment

The amount of the rental of the equipment is due as soon as the equipment is taken over by the tenant. Unless there is an explicit written arrangement from Exoride, the total amount of the rental is due at the latest when the equipment is handed over to the tenant.

By booking on the website, or any other rental agreement between Exoride and the tenant including the total price of the rental, the lessee of the equipment acknowledges that the reservation is worth acknowledgment of debt within the meaning of article 82 LP.

In case of late payment of a rental, late payment interest of 6%/year will be due on the due date of the first reminder, as well as a supplement of CHF 7.-- for reminder costs . The tenant recognizes the first reminder as a document serving as formal notice.

2.3 Liabilities and damages

Exoride guarantees the delivery of rental equipment in perfect working order. The lessee is required to check the equipment given to him when it is taken over, and to report any defect or defect and to inform Exoride of this by means of a written document signed by Exoride, otherwise the equipment is considered to be delivered in perfect working order.

The renter is fully responsible for the rented equipment, as well as any damage or injury it may cause from the time it is taken over, until its return. 

The tenant agrees to return the rented equipment in perfect working order and acknowledges that he alone is responsible for damage caused during the use of the equipment during the rental period, from pick-up to return .

In the event of loss, theft, total or partial destruction, repair or replacement of parts, the costs will be charged to the tenant.

In the absence of an Exoride guide, the tenant is made aware that Exoride is in no way responsible for the usual mechanical problems such as punctures, derailment or chain breakage, poor battery management for ebikes or any other damage.

The renter is required to have the necessary equipment and skills for basic repairs and turn management. In the event of a problem, no refund, partial or total, can be claimed by the tenant.

2.4 Transportation

Unless explicitly agreed in writing by Exoride, the transport costs of the rented equipment are the responsibility of the renter.

2.5 Cancellation

In case of cancellation, Exoride reserves the right to demand the full amount of the rental.

2.6 Retention of title

Exoride remains the sole owner, without any restriction, of all bicycles, protections and various accessories rented.

3. Conditions relating to gift vouchers and Exo'Pass

3.1 Validity

Gift vouchers and Exo'Pass are valid for one year (365 days) from the date of purchase. They are valid according to their respective value on the different Exoride services. No refund and no compensation are granted if the period of use of the gift voucher or the Exo'Pass has been exceeded.

The Exo'Pass is non-transferable and personal. It is neither replaced nor reimbursed. Only the holder mentioned on the Exo'Pass at the time of purchase can use this pass with their sole user profile on the site when registering online. In the event of misuse (non-compliance with these general conditions or fraud), the Exo'Pass is immediately canceled and non-refundable, in part or as a whole.

For legal:

The place of jurisdiction is Martigny (Switzerland)