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M'goun Hike & Ride

Saturday 05 Jul 2025 9:00

Enduro MTB trip in Morocco - High Atlas

1'990.- CHF


9 days

technical level

3/4icone ask level

fit level

3/4icone ask level

Destination :


Registration close :

30 May 2025

Places :


Climbs on mules, descents on bikes, adventure at the summit of Mgoun

An extraordinary 9-day mountain bike trip in Morocco, mixing riding on long virgin singles and designed for riding , and walk for the climbs, in an exceptional and wild environment, to discover the summit of M'goun and its 4,070 meters of altitude.


  • Ride on the summit of M'goun at more than 4,000m altitude
  • Transport your bike on the back of mules to access the most beautiful trails
  • A night in a mountain refuge
  • Meet nomadic tribes and share their daily lives
  • Evolves in colorful and wild landscapes
  • Taste the best local dishes
  • Visit Marrakech, its souk and its famous square full of life

    • Day 1 | Welcome to Marrakech

      Enduro mountain bike trip in MoroccoAs soon as you arrive at Marrakech airport, you will be picked up by our team to accompany you and your luggage to our technical room in order to assemble your mountain bike and drop it off there your suitcase or transport box.

      You will enjoy your last moments in civilization, without knowing that you are about to experience a superlative sporting adventure.

      We don't want to disturb your sleep and so we won't tell you more for the moment... be patient.

      Distance: - kms
      D+: - m
      D-: - m
      Night in hotel***
    • Day 2 | Marrakech / Imi n’ifri

      Mountain bike trip in the Moroccan AtlasAs soon as you wake up, you will leave Marrakech and its incecent activity to plunge into the more remote regions of the central High Atlas.

      After a few hours of transfer by road which will have allowed you to discover the immensity of this mountain massif with its varied and atypical colors and scents, we will begin the riding part with a first small singletrack of around twenty kilometers as an appetizer.

      Satisfied with this rather descending and technically rich first run, you will enjoy a first night in a local lodge, which will take you even further away from the hustle and bustle of the day before and the lost comfort of your comfortable riad.

      Distance: 25 km
      D+: 400 m
      D-: 1,200 m
      Night in a comfortable lodge
    • Day 3 | Ait Bouli

      Discover the Moroccan High Atlas by mountain bike with a guide While you have already adopted the cruising pace of this stay in Morocco and you take care to pronounce your "Salam Aleykum" at each meeting, you will be surprised to notice that our usual 4x4 vehicle which usually ensures our travel has vanished to make way for mules.

      You then understand that it is thanks to these mules and their unsuspected abilities that we will be able to definitively move away from all traces of civilization to sink deeper towards our objective of during the week, the M'goun and its approximately 4,070m altitude.

      This is where all the originality of this unique MTB trip to Morocco really comes into play, and you will quickly get used to the long walks in splendid valleys, in Indian style. , behind our multi rider friends who will take special care to relieve you of the transport of your bike for the climbs.

      But don't worry, our mules have been selected for their particular quality in returning your mountain bike to you at the top of each climb to let you enjoy long virgin trails far from it all .

      After the first three hours of walking of this day and a first trail descended according to the rules of the art, we reach our lodge. In the evening, we will share a meal with a family from the village.

      Distance: 34 km
      D+: 1,400 m (walking)
      D-: 1,900 m
      Night in a comfortable cottage
    • Day 4 | Tassaout region

      Mountain bike adventure in the Moroccan Atlas with a Swiss Cycling guideThe convoy hits the road again in the morning to travel along a valley which allows us to reach our next pass at a little less than 3,000 meters above sea level.

      With your breath taken away by the altitude and the beauty of the contrasting landscapes of the Tassaout valley, you will take advantage of a break to take one last burst of photos of these colorful landscapes.

      After these four hours of walking, you will have had the privilege of appreciating the geological diversity of the region and the absolute isolation in which the few inhabitants of the place live.

      You will then enjoy a long descending section towards Amezri, a magnificent village of typical mud houses, where a welcoming local lodge awaits us to share a special moment with our guests and spend the night there. .

      Distance: 31 km
      D+: 1,500 m (walking)
      D-: 1,800 m
      Night in a comfortable cottage
    • Day 5 | Ameskar region

      Enduro all mountain MTB routes in MoroccoAn early awakening signals the start of a first long ascent which will take us to an altitude of 3,200m, fortunately still relieved of our bikes by our faithful mules.

      Of course, this long four-hour walk will be rewarded as it should be, with a lunar-looking path, winding along the vast slopes of M'goun.

      You will be amazed by the splendor of the surrounding highlands and valleys as well as by this magnificent path which will alternate between a first exhilarating portion, then a second, slightly more technical part which will retain your full attention, to finally end on a final long, rolling section again which will end this busy day in style.

      A good traditional meal washed down with a glass of mint tea and a night at a local's home will properly conclude this fifth day of your Moroccan adventure.

      Distance: 48 km
      D+: 1,250 m
      D-: 2,200 m
      Night in a comfortable lodge
    • Day 6 | Ouzighimt region

      Organized mountain bike and E-Bike trip in MoroccoWe return to around 3,000 meters of altitude with a climb near the Tizi n'Aït Hamd pass and a privileged view of the sumptuous Saghro mountains, before enjoying of a new descending section towards the Ouzighimt valley.

      This route of around thirty kilometers of mountain biking will delight you as much for the landscapes we cross as for the beauty of the trails we take.

      At the end of the day, we will once again be welcomed into an authentic family gîte with whom you will have the pleasure of sharing a few moments of their daily life.

      Distance: 30 km
      D+: 800 m
      D-: 1,200 m
      Night in lodge
    • Day 7 | Aït Bouguemez region

      Bike trip in Morocco with a guide and shuttlesA final climb of two hours of walking begins your day.

      As for every day of your journey, you will be able to discover landscapes full of colors and contrasts with the added bonus of isolation and a very particular serenity.

      This last ascent also marks our separation from our friendly team of Berber mule drivers who, throughout your raid, will help you avoid long portages, while providing their authenticity and knowledge of Berber culture.

      With a tear in your eye and a lump in your throat, it is with undisguised emotion that you will leave the one who took care of your bike during this week, your faithful friend the mule.

      Despite heartbreaking farewells, you remain strong and gather your last strength to ride your mountain bike again and properly attack the endless single that will take you into the Aït Bouguemez valley and bring you close to depressurization all the way through. along its little sinuous hairpins interspersed with more rolling sections with a totally indecent flow.

      The evening in the lodge will allow you to enjoy the splendor of the place and you will quickly understand why it is nicknamed the Happy Valley.

      Distance: 35 km
      D+: 800 m
      D-: 1,300 m
      Night in a comfortable lodge
    • Day 8 | Azizal region / Transfer to Marrakech

      MTB from MarrakechBefore hitting the road again for Marrakech, you take advantage of the morning for a last little spin which allows you to soak up the authentic flavors of the place one last time.

      After about fifteen kilometers, we find the 4x4 to return to Marrakech, to pack up the bikes and enjoy one last night in a comfortable riad.

      Distance: 13 km
      D+: 100 m
      D-: 200 m
      Night in hotel***
    • Day 9 | Marrakech - End of stay

      MTB from MarrakechDepending on the time of your flight, you are accompanied with your luggage and bicycles to Marrakech airport.

  • What's included

    • Swiss Cycling expert mountain bike guide (fr/en/de)
    • Transfer from and to Marrakech airport
    • Internal transfers & 4x4 shuttles, fuel and professional drivers
    • Mechanical assistance
    • Accommodations
    • Mineral water
    • All meals (except the last day)
    • Driving advice
    • The video and souvenir photos

    Not included

    • The flight to and from Marrakech
    • Additional nights and extension of stays
    • Airport taxes
    • Bike rental & equipment (optional in the registration form)
    • Personal insurance
    • Sodas & fruit juice
    • Meals of the last day in Marrakech
    • Tipping
    • Everything not included in what is included

  • Bike

    • a full-suspension MTB or E-Bike with 140 to 170mm travel, completely overhauled, including suspensions
    • Mixed terrain tires 2.3" wide or more, with reinforced casings and tubeless with recent preventive fluid
    • A telescopic seat post
    • Replacement derailleur hanger
    • 2 spare inner tubes
    • 3 pairs of brake pads
    • 2 quick links adapted to the chain
    • Chain oil
    • 1 Derailleur cable
    • Charger and battery if transmission or electric seat post
    • Charger if E-Bike
    • Repair equipment specific to your bike


    • Open face MTB helmet
    • Sunglasses
    • Knee pads
    • Elbow pads (recommended)
    • Long gloves
    • Swimsuit
    • Toiletries
    • Bicycle clothing for 8 days
    • Sun cream
    • Sleeping bag (10 degrees minimum)
    • Walking poles (recommended)
    • Backpack (min 16l) with integrated back protector and water pocket
    • Repair equipment (tire levers, bits, multitool, chain tool, pump or CO2 cartridges)
    • First aid kit
    • Rain-resistant windbreaker
    • Repair equipment
    • Old cover (protection of bicycles for transport on mules)
    • A roll of Gaffer tape
    • Rislan necklaces
    • Mobile phone and its charger
    • 1 Powerbank

  • Required levels

    This stay in Morocco is aimed at intermediate+ level riders.

    The terrain is varied, essentially on medium technical trails.

    We rated this stay 3/4.

    You can find out more about our level scale by clicking here.

    If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss them.


    Morocco is a country with a strong cultural contrast depending on the region.

    Life in Marrakech is very urban and the living environment resembles daily Western life in certain respects.

    What makes our program so rich is above all the discovery of life in the mountains and ancestral Berber traditions. Guaranteed satisfaction and crush!

    The welcome there is simply unbeatable, and meeting the people is extremely easy.

    We are here to advise you throughout your stay, so no worries about these few rules.

    Accommodation & food

    During our stay, we will alternate between *** hotels and more traditional comfortable cottages, but always impeccable and full of charm.


    This MTB trip generally takes place between the end of June and the end of September.

    Temperatures are generally ideal for mountain biking, but departures and nights at altitude may be a little cool.

    Some warmer clothing is expected.

    The climate is usually dry, but short episodes of rain can sometimes occur.


    Morocco is a very safe country and the regions in which we operate present no risk.

    For further

    Are you won over by this program and you only want to join this incredible adventure?

    If you are sure of your physical and technical abilities, and have made sure that your equipment corresponds to the program, you can click on the registration button and fill out the form to reserve your place.

    • Is this stay open to E-Bikes?

      Yes we happily welcome E-Bikes. IF you are planning to come with yours by plane, be aware that it is however very complicated to fly with an electric bike and its battery.

      Some companies accept bicycles, but you must send your battery separately by road transport. In this case, we can receive your battery in Marrakech in complete safety.

      If you wish, it is possible to find rental E-Bikes in Morocco which will be enough to last your week.

      Finally, it sometimes happens that we go down to Morocco by road. In this case, we can directly ensure the transport of your E-Bike to and from Morocco.

      Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

    • Can I come with my drone?

      No, Morocco formally prohibits the use of drones on its territory. Very strict controls are carried out by the authorities and customs controls.

    • How many people are there in a group?

      In order to ensure perfect logistics and ensure you have the best possible experience, we generally limit the number of participants to 6 to 8 people.

    • Who is our guide?

      This mountain bike trip in Iran is supervised by a professional Swiss mountain bike guide, certified Swiss Cycling. Who opened this circuit and supervised more than 30 groups on this program. You are in good hands!

    • What is the usual profile of the participants on this adventure?

      The participants of this mountain biking trip to Morocco are on average aged 30 to 55 years old.

    • Is this Morocco adventure suitable for women?

      Yes of course, many riders have taken advantage of this destination.

    • What type of ride should I expect?

      The terrain encountered during our adventure is rather rolling, with a rather moderate slope. The trails are rather dry, often smooth, sometimes more stony, but are easy to navigate.

    • Should we always ride with all our equipment?

      No, during the day, you will only ride with your bike gear. All luggage is transferred by car with our team of drivers.

    • Is it possible to do laundry during the stay?

      It is possible to have clothes washed and dried mid-week with the hotel's laundry service. Either way, we recommend that you take what you need for the week.

    • What is the type of accommodation?

      We spend most nights in hotels of at least *** type, or comfortable cottages.

    • Are meals included?

      Yes, all meals are included in the price of the stay. We will show you the best local restaurants to taste the most traditional Persian dishes.

    • What type of equipment do I need?

      Most of this stay does not require any special cycling equipment.

      You can find the complete list of necessary materials under the “materials” tab.

    • What happens if I am tired or can't stand the ride?

      The program for this adventure was developed with the safety aspect as a priority.

      At any time, it is easy to find our support vehicles or to skip a run if you feel tired.

    • Does my insurance cover me in Morocco?

      We invite you to check with your insurance that you are covered for trips in the event of an accident or cancellation in the event of force majeure.

Who will lead your adventure?

Your expert
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