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Vanlife MTB & EMTB holidays

Hello to you fan of #vanlife!

Have you always dreamed of combining the freedom of a campervan with the excitement of a crazy ride under new horizons? Exoride has created THE service that will thrill you: traveling mountain bike and electric mountain bike stays in a camper van.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these adventures take place in natural gems such as Valais, Aosta and Tuscany.

The Advantages of your Camp'n'Ride stay

1. Conviviality at the Rendez-vous

No more lonely moments! The campervan creates a friendly atmosphere. Meet other enthusiasts, share your experiences and create unforgettable bonds around the campfire.

2. Economical and Personalized

The campervan offers economic freedom. No more searching for expensive accommodations. You have your mobile home with all the necessary comfort. It's your adventure, at your own pace.

3. Freedom of Mobile Space

Your motorhome is your kingdom. Bring your gear, personalize your space, and don't be afraid to bring everything you need. The space is yours, use it! Pierre, a regular, has transformed his camper into a real bicycle garage, with an integrated repair workshop.

4. Access to Unusual Places

Exoride's expert guides have planned itineraries that will take you to places you would never have imagined and in which the problem of accommodation and logistics disappears thanks to the advantages of camping and takes us away from the the most popular spots.

5. Family Adventure

Even if your loved ones aren't hardcore mountain bikers, they can join the adventure. These stays are therefore designed to please everyone. Family, friends, everyone can enjoy.

Expert Guides for an Unparalleled Experience

These stays have been carefully thought out by expert guides accustomed to the advantages and requirements of traveling in a converted van. They have selected the most flowy trails for you through the most unmissable landscapes.

Parking areas for our motorhomes? Unusual and magnificent, of course. You'll marvel at the first-class view when you draw the curtains when you wake up, before having a blast on various routes.

So, ready to experience the ultimate mountain bike and E-bike adventure?

Join Exoride for unforgettable camper van stays across the Alps. Embark, explore, and create memories that will stay forever under your helmet.

Discover now the upcoming stays and get ready to ride towards the unknown!